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Barespot Weed & Grass

Pro-Serve, Inc.

BareSpot Weed & Grass provides fast knockdown of existing vegetation and extended residual control. Best results are obtained when applied immediately prior to emergence or when weeds are young and succulent. Weed & Grass is particularly good for extending the residual control of later-germinating seedlings. Available in 50 lb. bags. Sodium Chlorate - Provides fast burndown of existing vegetation. It is a white, crystalline salt that looks like common table salt (Sodium Chloride) but, weight for weight, is 30-50 times more toxic to plants than table salt. Sodium Metaborate - Provides residual vegetation control activity. A white, crystalline salt, it is toxic to soil microorganisms which break down most other organic herbicides, thus quickly reducing their effectiveness. Diuron - Broad spectrum, pre-emergent herbicide, low in solubility and remains in the top 1-2 inches of soil to control annual grasses and weeds.

Product Specifications

Pro-Serve, Inc.
Active Ingredients:
Sodium Metaborate 49% Sodium Chlorate 30% Diuron 3-(3,4-dichloropheny) 1,1-dimethylurea 1.25%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
50 lb. bag Bag 815989
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