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Product Details

Backpack Sprayer RPD 15

Birchmeier/ITB Co., Inc.

With its RPD 15, Swiss sprayer specialist Birchmeier has developed a very clever and ergonomically advanced backpack sprayer. The proof is in the model's core, its pump. Mounted externally, it is based on the proven Birchmeier concept. The entire system, including the air chamber, is located in the lever. As a result, the user has to exert much less force while spraying. The lever can be mounted on either side so it works for both right-handed and left-handed users. The hose routing is user-friendly, and the RPD 15 is easy to operate and clean.

Additional Information

Real work comfort

  • Re-defined ergonomics
  • Pump can be folded up
  • Hose outlet in working direction
  • Click belt system
  • Recessed grips
  • Can be used left or right

 All in the lever

  • Non-drip piston pump
  • Integrated air chamber
  • Hose outlet
  • Holder for spray lance

 Proven Birchmeier technology

  • Externally mounted pump
  • Tank outlet via suction system
  • New designed click belt system
  • Brass nozzle adjustable
  • Top quality mountings
  • Large filling opening with strainer
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