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Product Details

CIRKIL® CX is the only EPA registered plant-based bed bug killer that's effective, easy to administer and works fast to control infestations by killing eggs, nymphs and adults on contact and as a residual. Studies show it's more effective than leading chemical pesticides in killing bed bugs in all stages with 100% residual and on-contact kill of adults, nymphs, eggs and pyrethroid-resistant strains. FEATURES INCLUDE: plant-based insecticide, flexible label directions, easy-to-use application, and highly effective tool to include in IPM. Save money, time and reduce call backs with CIRKIL® CX.

Additional Information

The CIRKIL® line of pest control products are biopesticides developed by Terramera, Inc. and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the control of bed bugs and their eggs as well as cellar spiders, smoky brown cockroaches, house crickets, firebrats, silverfish, moisture ants, ravida field ants, pavement ants, bean aphids, pea aphids, and green bottle flies.

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