Product Details

InVite™ Liquid Lure is an economical choice for adding a versatile resource to efficiently and effectively attract and trap or kill small flies and yellow jackets. •Attracts yellow jackets, European hornets, fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies •For use indoors and outdoors •Concentrated non-pesticidal formula •For pesticidal applications, a “kill zone” can be created by spraying a microcap such as LambdaStar™ 9.7% CS or FenvaStar™ EcoCap™ in a spot (about 2’ x 2’ is typical) followed with a spray application of InVite™ Liquid Lure •For trapping applications, 1-4 oz of InVite™ Liquid Lure can be used with the Yellow PFT™ Station or other jar traps. Such a station can also be lightly sprayed with a microcap to increase the efficiency •Use in conjunction with light traps for fruit flies

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
16 fl oz bottle BT 715430
5 gal pail GL 746777

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