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Product Details

Airofog Puffer and Puffer Pro

Airofog Usa Llc

The latest in professional dusting innovations using patented Airofog technology for application to control termites and vermin. Transparent screw-on detachable vials help to monitor on the dust usage rate. 125ml vial allows for filling up to 90ml (3 oz) of dust and 32mm opening makes it easy for refilling. By 50cm (20 inches) extension, it can treat hard to reach places. Holster with various compartment for tips and extensions enhances the professional image as a specialist. Per squeeze produces an approximate 0.01-0.015g dosage of duster measured with diatomite

Product Specifications

Airofog Usa Llc
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
602-000-310 Each 825468

Additional Information

PRO – reach further corner with 50cm (20 inches) extension discharge.

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