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YCS Pro Cleaner

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YCS Pro Cleaner is formulated for restoration and remediation professionals who need results fast. This cleaner quickly removes dirt and debris as well as stains from mold, mildew, algae, blood, protein, and urine. But this earth-friendly product also restores and vitalizes surfaces damaged by sunlight. fire, mold, and other stain-causing materials. How does it work? YCS Pro Cleaner reacts with organic matter, encapsulating stains into profuse foam for easy removal with HEPA vacuuming – without scrubbing! Plus, YCS Pro Cleaner continues brightening long after use.

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Your Crawlspace Inc
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Ycsprocleanerga Case 838888

Additional Information

  1. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Always wear safety goggles and chemical/water resistant gloves when handling and applying YCS Pro Cleaner. When applying in enclosed spaces (e.g. basements or crawlspaces), applicator must wear appropriate respiratory protection.
  2. MIXING THE ACTIVATOR: Prior to application, add activator to YCS Pro Cleaner solution and stir or gently agitate mixture until activator is completely dissolved. If mixed in the YCS Pro Cleaner container, do NOT replace cap after mixing. Once mixed the product is good for 14 to 15 hours.
  3. APPLICATION: Using a brush or plastic garden sprayer, apply activated YCS Pro Cleaner solution liberally onto the surface to be treated. Allow YCS Pro Cleaner to penetrate stains for 15-30 minutes; an additional application or light scrubbing may be required based on varying levels of stains and debris. Note: If applying YCS Pro Cleaner in direct sunlight or in a warm environment, ensure that the surface remains saturated with YCS Pro Cleaner solution while it penetrates tough stains. Following all applications and stain penetration time, rinse or pressure-wash the surface while it is still wet with the YCS Pro Cleaner solution in order to remove residual debris. Some indoor applications may require a HEPA vacuum to remove debris and YCS Pro Cleaner solution from surface.
  4. If you are applying this product with an airless paint sprayer or similar equipment, make sure the equipment uses Viton a-rings.