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Allure Ilt


Allure Ilt

Proven to have 60% greater UV light output than traditional electric grid flylights. With an innovative, open top design to maximise light output of the Synergetic® UV bulbs, this truly unique zapper flylight releases light from the back, sides and top of the unit, creating 60% more useful UV light output than traditional flylights using the same power UV bulbs. The unique Z-shaped killing grid provides a 20% larger fly killing area, ensuring that the unit easily copes with the increased number of flies attracted by the greater light output. Designed with serviceability in mind, the killing grid, deep catch tray and UV bulbs are easily cleaned and maintained whilst the tool free, drop down guard also holds the catch tray during servicing making the unit quick and easy to service. Independent tests show that the Allure™30 attracted 448% more flies than other 30 watt electric grid units.

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EA 806352

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