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Aab-sorb Powder

Aabaco Environmental

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Our spill absorbent product is an encapsulating powder that will absorb any water-based chemical including fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Absorb Plus will help eliminate chemical run offs and will even turn latex paint into gel. No other product on the market works as fast or effectively to clean up water based chemical spills. Our proprietary formulation is very effective. For example, the 25lb bottle will absorb approximately 625 gallons of water converting it to a gel. The gel makes it easy to dispose of in a bag or container.

Product Specifications

Aabaco Environmental
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25lb Pail Pail 804207

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Additional Information

• Absorbs any water based chemicals on contact
• Spill turns to gel in seconds
• For use on lawns, turf, soils, concrete and more


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