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22-0-4 Fertilizer with HCU & Black Gypsum DG

Andersons, Inc. (The Andersons)

Unlike traditional 22-0-4 fertilizer, which contains detrimental rock limestone filler, The Andersons 22-0-4 fertilizer with HCU and Black Gypsum DG has the limestone filler removed and replaced with Black Gypsum DG soil amendment, which delivers both calcium and sulfur. Now, landscape professionals can apply their 22-0-4 fertilizer while simultaneously improving their soil health. Soil health improvements are achieved through the addition of humates in both Black Gypsum DG and the Humic Coated Urea.

The benefits of integrating humates into the soil include:

  • Improved cation exchange capacity
  • Improved nutrient chelation
  • Improved soil structure
  • Ability to aid in flushing bicarbonates through the soil profile

Product Specifications

Andersons, Inc. (The Andersons)
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
50lb Bg Bag 841017
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