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Product Details

2000GT-B Black vinyl-clad Flying Venus Wall Sconce Glueboard Insect Trap

Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps

It's trimmed-down, downright skinny (only 2-3/4" deep)! Yet, most powerful. The 2000GT creates an elegant ambiance for your favorite room, while secretly providing 24-hour, non-stop, silent-capture of filthy disgusting flies. The beautiful Flying Venus™ adds a whole new last line of defense against flies, increasing the effectiveness of the overall integrated pest management system, helping to reduce the need for chemical methods. Front-line strategy emphasizes eliminating flies before they get into operating rooms or processing areas: dumpster tactics, sanitation, the judicious use of approved chemical methods, physical exclusion, and the strategic placement (in non-public areas) of more powerful, professional Insect Light Traps. Note that our No-Wall-Fade™ design won't fade or yellow your wall, like open top designs.

Additional Information

Two, superior, 20 watt insect attractant lamps (Sylvania #F20T12/350BL/ECO). Lamp replacement info.

One Year Warranty (excluding lamps, glueboards)

Draws 43 watts of energy.

FLYING VENUS CHOICES: Choose decorative power cord (6 ft., 115v grounded) or
hard-wire version
. We highly recommend ordering the optional hard-wire version for the aesthetic, cordless look. May be ordered with shorter cord. Universal and keyhole mounting slots provided on all versions. Mount horizontally with point down.

All Flying Venus Insect Light Traps are available in four beautiful finishes: Polished Brass, Antique Brass, and Textured Black or White vinyl-coated aluminum.

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