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108F - Flush Mount Raccoon, Woodchuck / Groundhog Trap with One Trap Door

Tomahawk Live Trap

Model 108F is an Original Series flush mount live trap for raccoon, feral cats, woodchucks, badgers, armadillo and similar size animals. It measures 36L x 10W x 12H, is constructed of 1" x 1" - 12 gauge, galvanized steel and weighs approximately 13 lbs. This cage trap features a flush mount trap door which means the trap door does not extend past the frame of the trap when it is set. This allows for flush placement against structures when dealing with an animal that has created an entry/exit hole in a wall.

Product Specifications

Tomahawk Live Trap
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
. EA 827724

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PDS Professional 728x90 Nov
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