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Showing 11 types of THISTLE

Anderson's Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Andersonii

A native thistle in the Pacific states, occurring in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Artichoke Thistle

Latin Name: Cynara Cardunculus

A native of the Mediterranean region this thistle was introduced to the United States as an ornamental and food crop, but its rapid spread and invasive habit have made it a serious rangeland weed in California. It also is found in other countries, such as Australia, as a noxious weed of pastures. The dried flower heads, called “cardoons”, are large and showy, and are prized in arrangements of flowers.

Blessed Milk-thistle

Latin Name: Silybum Marianum

Native to the Mediterranean region, and naturalized in the western United States.

Bull Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Vulgare

Native to Europe and Asia, but now widespread throughout the United States and southern Canada.

Canada Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Arvense

Native to southeastern Eurasia, but introduced to Canada in contaminated crop seeds in the 18th century, and now found throughout the northern half of the United States and southern Canada.

Italian Thistle

Latin Name: Carduus Pycnocephalus

Native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean area, and now widely found in the western United States.

Nuttall's Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Nuttallii

Native to the southeastern United States, where it is found from Virginia south to Florida, and west to Louisiana.

Platte Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Canescens

Native to North America, and distributed from New Mexico north to Idaho, and east to Wisconsin and Ohio. Generally a plant of the north central states.

Wooly Distaff Thistle

Latin Name: Carthamus Lanatus

Native to the Mediterranean area, but now found in several states from Oregon to Texas, and sporadically along the east coast.

Yellow Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Horridulum

Native to North America, and found throughout the eastern seaboard states south to Florida, and west to Texas. It also occurs in Nevada.

Yellowspine Thistle

Latin Name: Cirsium Ochrocentrum

Native to western North America, and distributed from Texas and Nebraska to the west coast states.

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