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Showing 4 types of BELLFLOWER

Common Venus' Looking-glass

Latin Name: Triodanis Perfoliata

Possibly native to South America, but now occurring throughout North America except for the Rocky Mountains, and south through Central America to South America.

Creeping Bellflower

Latin Name: Campanula Rapunculoides

Native to Europe, but introduced to North America as a garden ornamental, and now found throughout most of the United States and southern Canada, with the exception of the southeastern and extreme southwestern states.

Flat-face Calicoflower

Latin Name: Downingia Pulchella

A native plant in Oregon and California, and found commonly in early spring as a roadside and meadow wildflower.


Latin Name: Campanula Spp.

A genus of many dozens of varieties of showy spring flowers, almost all of which are natives in North America. They occur throughout the United States and north to Alaska.

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