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Showing 5 types of PINE & SPRUCE APHIDS

Balsam wooly aphid

Latin Name: Adelges piceae

This species is native to Europe, but was first detected in North America around 1900. It now is found throughout eastern Canada and northeastern U.S., as well as along the Pacific coast in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid

Latin Name: Adelges cooleyi

Latin Family Name: Adelgidae

Cooley spruce gall aphid is native to North America and it attacks various species of spruce trees as well as Douglas Fir.

Eastern spruce gall aphid

Latin Name: Adelges abietis

Eastern spruce gall aphid is an introduced species from Europe.

Pine & Spruce Aphids

Latin Name: Pineus sp.

Latin Family Name: Adelgidae

Native to eastern Asia but established in eastern North America from Georgia north to Massachusetts.

Pine bark adelgid

Latin Name: Pineus strobi

This is a native insect in North America and is found widely where host pines are grown.

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