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Showing 7 types of MUSTARD

Bulbous Bittercress

Latin Name: Cardamine Bulbosa

Native to North America, and found in nearly every state east of the Rocky Mountains.

Field Pennycress

Latin Name: Thlaspi Arvense

Introduced from Europe and now found throughout the United States. It grows commonly in grain fields and pastures, and the strong odor of the plant causes a bitter flavored milk from livestock that eat it.

Little Bittercress

Latin Name: Cardamine Oligosperma

Native to North America, and found most commonly in the western states, east to Montana and Colorado, but occurring sporadically in the north central to northeast states as well. Found also in western Canada north to Alaska.

London Rocket

Latin Name: Sisymbrium Irio

A native of Europe, now common throughout the western states.

Shepherd's Purse

Latin Name: Capsella Bursa-pastoris

Native to Eurasia, but now found throughout North America as far north as Alaska.

Wild Mustard

Latin Name: Brassica Kaber

Native to Eurasia, and now found throughout the United States.

Wild Radish

Latin Name: Raphanus Sativus

Native to Europe, and now widespread in North America. The garden variety of radish is a cultivated form of wild radish. R. sativus is white-flowered, while R. raphanistrum is yellow-flowered.

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