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Alyce Clover

Latin Name: Alysicarpus Vaginalis

Native to the Old World tropics, but introduced to the U.S. and now found throughout the southeastern states north to Virginia, as well as in Hawaii and the West Indies.

Black Medic

Latin Name: Medicago Lupulina

Native to eastern Europe and Asia, but now found throughout the United States.


Latin Name: Medicago Polymorpha

Native to Eurasia, and now widespread in the western United States.

Clustered Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium Glomeratum

Native to Europe, but introduced to North America where it now is found uncommonly in the southeast states as well as California, Oregon, and Hawaii.

Crimson Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium Incarnatum

A native of Europe, but introduced as an ornamental plant to many other areas, and now widely spread throughout the United States in the eastern half of the country and along the west coast, as well as in Hawaii.


Latin Name: Pueraria Thunbergiana

Native to Japan and China, and introduced during an 1896 gardening exposition in Philadelphia.

Rabbitfoot Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium Arvense

A native of Europe, but introduced to North America where it now occurs throughout the eastern half of the United States, all of southern Canada, and in the western U.S. along the Pacific Coast and in the states bordering Canada. It also occurs in Hawaii.

Red Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium Pratense

Native to Eurasia, but introduced as a pasture plant which has escaped cultivation and is now widespread in the United States.

Spanish Clover

Latin Name: Lotus Purshianus

Native to the western United States, and widely distributed from southern Canada south into Mexico in the west.

Subterranean Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium Subterraneum

Native to Europe and introduced to the United States, where it now is found along the Pacific Coast, and from Louisiana along the Gulf States to Florida and sporadically north along the Atlantic Coast.

White Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium Repens

Native to Europe, but introduced as an ornamental and forage plant, and now found commonly throughout North America. It is a weed in turf grasses and landscape, as well as in many crop settings. It tolerates close mowing and becomes a problem by outcompeting the turf.

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