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Showing 3 types of FUNNEL WEAVERS

Barn Funnel Weaver

Latin Name: Tegenaria domestica

Possibly European in origin, but current thought is that it may be native to Canada and has spread south from there. It now is found throughout much of the U.S. and southern Canada as well as all of Europe.

Giant House Spider

Latin Name: Tegenaria gigantea

This species currently is believed to be native to Europe but was first discovered in North America in 1929, reaching Seattle in 1960.

Hobo Spider

Latin Name: Tegenaria agrestis

Latin Family Name: Agelenidae

Like the Domestic house spider this species was believed to be native to Europe, but new evidence suggests that it has long been a native of western Canada and now has moved into the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. as well, where it is common in and around homes. It appears to be moving eastward and now can be found in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming and west to the Pacific Coast of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

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