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Showing 4 types of FIRE ANTS

European Fire Ant

Latin Name: Myrmica rubra

This species is native to cold regions of Asia and Europe and was discovered in the Upper Northeast of the U.S. as early as 1908 in Massachusetts and in Maine in the 1950’s. Its range has expanded and it now is present in much of the northeast U.S. and southeastern Canada.

Little Fire Ant

Latin Name: Wasmannia auropunctata

This ant is native to Central and South America, but now is found in Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, and North America in Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Red Imported Fire Ant

Latin Name: Solenopsis invicta

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

RIFA originated in South America, entered the United States in the southern states around 1930, and spread rapidly to 17 southeastern states. It has since spread to California and isolated incidents have occurred in other states.

Southern Fire Ant

Latin Name: Solenopsis xyloni

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Native to the southwestern United States, and found in California and Arizona.

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