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Pest Information

Spotted Joepyeweed

Spotted Joepyeweed

  • Latin Name: Eupatorium Maculatum
  • Common Name: Spotted Joepyeweed
  • Other Names: Joe pye weed

Pest Details

Spotted Joepyeweed
Spotted Joepyeweed
Spotted Joepyeweed


Native to North America, and found throughout the northern half of the United States, south into Arizona and New Mexico, and throughout southern Canada.


A perennial that reproduces from seeds, this plant is found in moist to wet soils along roadsides, on ditch banks or creek margins, and in other wet areas.


Mature plants grow to a height of around 5 feet, as erect plants with usually a single thick stem. The stem is reddish, scaly, and fibrous. The large leaves grow to over 6 inches in length, are lance-shaped and covered with short, bristly hairs. They are alternate along the stem, have long stalks, and have serrate margins. Flowers occur in numerous flat-topped clusters of bright pink flower heads, with several dozen flower heads in each cluster. The flower buds often remain nearly closed or only slightly opened to allow the stamens to protrude.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Generally not an invasive weed problem, and individual plants are easily removed by hand.

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