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Pest Information

Coyote Bush

Coyote Bush

  • Latin Name: Baccharis Pilularis
  • Common Name: Coyote Bush
  • Other Names: Chaparral broom

Pest Details

Coyote Bush
Coyote Bush
Coyote Bush


Native to the western United States, and common in California and Oregon, present in New Mexico.


A very common perennial roadside shrub with the potential to form tall, thick stands over 12 feet in height. Plants have small leaves but are densely foliated and remain leafed throughout the year. A very common shrub in many habitats along the west coast into the lower Sierra Nevada mountains.


Mature plants can be over 12 feet high and are widely sprawling and densely branched. The shiny dark green leaves are ¾ to 1.5 inches long and with up to 9 teeth along their edges. Flowers are whitish and form in inconspicuous clusters from the axils of the leaves or the tips of the stems. When mature, the seeds have long, silky strands that help to carry them with the wind.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal of dense stands may be needed, in order to remove the plants if they are blocking visibility or encroaching on roadways.

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