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Pest Information

Slim Aster

Slim Aster

  • Latin Name: Aster Subulatus
  • Common Name: Slim Aster
  • Other Names: Slender aster, aster, annual saltmarsh aster

Pest Details

Slim Aster
Slim Aster
Slim Aster


A native plant found throughout much of North America.


An annual that reproduces from seeds. This is an invasive weed in crops and pastures, as well as landscape and poorly maintained turf. Plants favor areas high in moisture, and seeds germinate from early spring through late summer, with plants maturing in late summer and fall, at which time abundant seed production takes place. Seeds may be wind-dispersed.


Mature plants grow to 5 feet in height, with extensive branching on the upper part of the stem. Stems are thin but very tough and fibrous, and generally without hairs on their green to reddish surface. Leaves are long and narrow to about 4.5 inches long, and attach without stalks to the stems. Flower heads occur singly at the ends of short stems, with large numbers of flowers occurring. Each flower head is about ¾ inch across, with narrow white petals surrounding the yellow disc flowers.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Physical removal should be done prior to seed germination to prevent the large number of seeds. Decreasing soil moisture will prevent large production of the weeds.

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