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Pest Information

Spotted Water-hemlock

Spotted Water-hemlock

  • Latin Name: Cicuta Maculata
  • Common Name: Spotted Water-hemlock
  • Other Names: N/A

Pest Details

Spotted Water-hemlock
Spotted Water-hemlock
Spotted Water-hemlock


Native to North America and found throughout much of the United States and southern Canada.


A perennial weed found in very moist to wet soils, along roadsides, ditch banks, and margins of other waterways. Reproduction is from seeds. All plant parts are extremely toxic.


Mature plants may grow to over 6 feet in height, with a strong central stem and multiple branching. The stem is marked with purplish blotches, as are the leaves. The leaves are two or three times divided, with the leaflets much larger than on Poison Hemlock. This plant also differs from Poison Hemlock by the presence of a cluster of fleshy taproots. The leaf is on a short stalk, and each individual leaflet has a long stalk. The flowering head is a wide, flat-topped umbel of dozens of small, white flowers

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Individual plants can be removed by hand, and reduction of soil moisture will help to discourage the growth of these plants.

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