Putting in the Work


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Customer Spotlights

Tim Bricker – Bricker Pest Control – Bay City, TX


Tim Bricker’s entire business strategy can be summed in six words: winners go home in the dark.


For Bricker, who operates Bricker Pest Control with his wife Barbara, it’s more than an inspirational quote. He lives out his motto quite literally. It’s not uncommon for Bricker and his staff to work late into the night, ensuring all their customers’ needs are met.

“The day I hired my first employee outside my family circle, I brought him back at 12:30 a.m.,” Bricker says, chuckling. “When my customers need something, I go get it done for them.”

In Bay City, Texas, those customer needs are often bee-related. Bricker understands customers’ concerns about bees in their homes, near their children. But he also understands they may have questions about the treatment process.

So rather than simply getting rid of bees, Bricker teaches his customers about bee behavior, migratory patterns, and the process of removing the honeycomb.

“The biggest part is gaining the customer’s trust that you’re not going to tear their place up,” he says. “You’ve got to take care of their property and treat it better than your own.”

It helps to have a supplier that provides him with that same level of customer support. Bricker says he appreciates his Univar rep Sydney Gambrell’s willingness to personally deliver products and join him on jobs to understand the trade.

It’s the same kind of drive that compels Bricker to balance on a 20-foot ladder, carefully digging 350 pounds of honeycomb out of a 100-year-old church bell tower. Or to reach his hand into a bee-packed porch as the clock strikes midnight. It’s Bricker’s preferred approach — even if it keeps him up at night.

“You set a goal, you set your mind to it, and you do it,” Bricker says. “And then you go home in the dark. And with that, you will be successful.”


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