Veseris unveiled as new name for former ES division of Univar Solutions


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Inside Veseris

AUSTIN, TEXAS; March 12, 2020 — Univar Environmental Sciences (ES) announced today it would be operating under the new brand name, Veseris.
Purchased in January 2020 by private equity firm AEA Investors from Univar Solutions, Univar ES began the exploration process to choose and unveil a name and logo that would establish its new independent identity. Following the culmination of significant research and collaboration by senior leadership, the name Veseris captured the culture and drive of the new standalone business. In the coming months, the business will begin updating company signage and materials to reflect its identity moving forward.
“As the team worked through the renaming process they kept coming back to two key elements. First, recognize and celebrate our past. Second, signal our commitment to growth in the future.” said Trace McEuen, CEO of Veseris.
“The letters “V” (from Van Waters & Rogers days) and the “ES” remind us of our proud history serving professionals who make the environments in which we all live, work and play safer and healthier,” said McEuen. “It is important for our customers to know our deep commitment to their goals remains. They will have the same quality sales and delivery personnel, same product offerings, same ProCenters, and all the services they have relied on before. What will change is our ability to provide our customers with better tools and products to drive their business forward.”
This brings in the second element, a name that is open to future opportunities. “In Veseris, we find a name that has a strong meaning, Veseris means impact. Together with our partners at AEA, we are writing a new chapter on the way we will serve our customers and partner with suppliers in all the markets we serve. AEA understands our business model and is willing to provide the capital and leadership for our business to grow.” said McEuen enthusiastically.
Veseris customers should expect no major interruptions in their service or product availability. From product purchasing, ProTraining course histories, PestWeb, Inventory Manager, and all other services will transition over fully. Our 70+ ProCenter locations will be open and ready to serve our customers. The only change a customer will experience is the name. The organization will continue to be headquartered in Austin, TX.
About Veseris
Veseris (vuh-SAIR-iss) is a leading North American distributor and provider of value-added services to customers in structural pest control and other environmental science industries. With an unmatched distribution infrastructure and experienced sales force, strong supplier partnerships, a deep commitment to technology and professional services, Veseris is focused on making a positive impact for our customers and their business into the future. Learn more at or
About AEA
AEA Investors LP was founded in 1968 by the Rockefeller, Mellon and Harriman family interests and S.G. Warburg & Co. as a private investment vehicle for a select group of industrial family offices with substantial assets. AEA has an extraordinary global network built over many years, which includes leading industrial families, business executives, and leaders; many of whom invest with AEA as active individual investors ("Participants") and/or join its portfolio company boards or act in other advisory roles. Today, AEA's approximately 80 investment professionals operate globally with offices in New York, Connecticut, London, Munich, and Shanghai. The firm manages funds that have approximately $15 billion of invested and committed capital including the leveraged buyouts of middle-market companies and small business companies and mezzanine and senior debt investments. AEA Private Equity invests across three sectors: value-added industrials, consumer, and services. The AEA Small Business Private Equity team is a strategy within AEA that currently manages over $1.5 billion of invested and committed capital. The small business team seeks to help grow and transform companies at the lower end of the middle market by sponsoring growing companies with proven management teams and superior business models.

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