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Wild Animals Adapt and Expand Numbers in Growing Population Centers Tackle safety, health and nuisance issues with EPIC’s All Natural Professional animal repellents

Across North America, wild animals cause huge public safety and health issues and damage for homeowners, municipalities, landscaped areas, athletic facilities, and golf courses. Deer, rabbits, moles, voles, geese/coots, snakes, regional pests such as armadillos, wild hogs -- even iguanas! All of these -- and more -- learn quickly how to live among expanding cities and populations.

As these animals increase in population, their nuisance grows where they learn to live among people. Homeowners want to protect their children and pets, and concerns arise across communities and cities over these animals’ impacts upon water quality and the broad landscape of public health. But the EPA and local government regulations often restrict the use of chemicals to repel or exterminate these animals.

EPIC’s All Natural Professional line of granular animal repellents was developed to serve this expanding need. Deer Scram, Snake Scram and Mole Scram and our other professional animal repellents are specifically designed to target these pests’ instincts and senses through smell and taste, while also making their living habitat unlivable.

And all the pests – deer, rabbits, snakes, geese, moles, voles, cats, iguanas, armadillos, and gophers – targeted with EPIC’s All Natural Professional animal repellents leave the treated areas and remain off the treated properties, never to return, when land managers follow continued application programs. EPIC’s All Natural Professional animal repellents offer pest-control companies unique opportunities to add sales to current programs and open new channels of revenue through building new customers with products that work.

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