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Ask Mr. Pest Control

Ask Mr. Pest Control

Q: I'd like to know what other PMPs find to be the best insecticides to control bed bugs.

— Mike, NY


A: PMPs don’t always agree across the board on a specific go-to product for pest management. What may be seen is a trend in application patterns. For example, many PMPs have modernized to German cockroach baits while not agreeing on the best bait product. To manage bed bugs effectively, PMPs tend to apply a combination of products with different formulations or modes of action. Applying dust products to wall voids in addition to residuals in the infested area is common. So is applying a repellent product for knockdown and a non-repellent for residual. While there isn’t one best bed bug product that every PMP would agree on, many would agree on the need to apply a combination of products for effective management.

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