Treating Mosquito Populations


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With the catastrophic flooding in the Midwest and an exceptionally rainy winter on the West Coast, many parts of the country will present favorable conditions for heavy mosquito populations as the warmer summer weather approaches. With larger mosquito populations come the enhanced risk for the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.
Treating standing water with larvicides will play a critical role in preventing these mosquito populations from exploding and will help keep the numbers in check. When applied to the standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs, larvicides interrupt the life cycle, preventing development beyond the pupal stage. This keeps the insects from growing into breeding, biting adults that pose a nuisance and public health threat in the community.

When applying larvicides, there are a number of standing water sites such as catch basins, storm drains, woodland ponds, artificial containers, water detention pools and roadside ditches that should be considered potential breeding grounds. Because no two mosquito habitats are alike, it is important to match the proper larvicide formulation with the application site and targeted length of residual control.
Recent third-party studies were conducted by Entomology Consultants, L.L.C. to study efficacy levels of popular larvicides in a controlled environment. The test species was the Culex quinquefasciatus (commonly known as the southern house mosquito); every treatment group was provided the same conditions. The study confirmed that three Altosid® formulations met or exceeded label claims of residual control: 30 days for Altosid® Pellets, 21 days for Altosid® XR-G granules and 35 days for Altosid® P35 granule formulation. Study results also show that competitive larvicides fell short of their stated label claims resulting in a decline of efficacy and mosquito population control.
Selecting the right larvicide can be difficult given the vast amount of options and label claims. To make the best choice, it is important to have all of the facts. To learn more about the study and the Altosid® IGR family of target-specific larvicides, visit

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