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I have a pest business in Pasadena CA, and our office is set up as a call center. We do not want to hire employees, rather prefer to help other operators grow their own businesses and work independently to realize unlimited earning potential. Are you self-motivated, passionate, and would love to learn techniques and the business management skills that will enable you to succeed as an independent pest control operator? We provide: •Branding •Marketing and Sales •Phone Answering •Scheduling •Payment Collections •Record Keeping We are looking for Branch II and Branch III termite field reps, operators, and wildlife specialists. IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY FOR LICENSED OPERATORS AND FIELD REPS. Unlicensed individuals may apply but will licensing will be required before you can earn significant pay (WITH ONE EXCEPTION, UNLICENSED INDIVIDUALS MAY DO RODENT WORK WHILE WAITING TO COMPLETE THE LICENSING PROCESS). You: •Solve pest problems •Build a reputation •Grow with our help. Set your own hours, block off your calendar anytime. IMPORTANT: You can do this just a couple of days a week if you want - to get your feet wet. You will be paid as an owner, not as an employee. We take a percentage of the jobs that we put on your calendar, but our commitment is that our percentage will be less than you would pay to market and secure each job. You simply just need to show up to the appointments on your calendar. Simple. REQUIREMENTS: -Pass a LiveScan background screening. It is an Industry requirement. If you have anything that would preclude you from passing, please do not apply. - California driver's license and a clean DMV record. - Good work ethic, career minded, and success motivated. - Great customer service skills. I operate using our own system right now and I made around 100k in 2017 after taxes. You can too!! Let's do this: Please fill out this form and we will contact you! Good Luck!


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