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The pest control industry is an ever changing industry that requires specialized training and techniques performed by aspiring technicians eager to innovate current methods with tomorrows thinking. Leaders are developed, and with the pest control industry giving so much opportunity to people to become as such, Kennedy Pest Control is at the forefront of developing such leaders. Kennedy Pest Control has been serving ALL of San Diego County for over 30 years, and we're still growing. With a growth forecast set to exceed industry standards, we are looking for prime individuals that are ready to raise the bar and set a higher standard than what the industry is currently at. Kennedy Pest Control is currently looking for LICENSED ONLY FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIANS. As a technician, you will be serving developed routes, but at the same time have the opportunity to grow the route even more with a commission package that just adds to the desire to grow. A service technician also caters specialized maintenance service fit to the customer. No two customers are ever the same, so neither should their maintenance service. Can you think creatively and service one customers needs separately from another? Besides steady work and a competitive salary, Kennedy Pest Control also offers: * Generous commission on production + sales * Vacation pay and sick pay * Usage of company vehicle and gas card * Growth opportunity * Benefits and 401(k) So would you like to be part of history? Would you like to join a team geared towards innovation and forward thinking? Join the Kennedy Pest Control family! Call (760) 233-2055 and ask for Victor or email your resume at: gp@kennedypest.com

Website: http://www.kennedypest.com

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