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We are looking for a Self Motivated, Eager to learn, Reliable, and punctual Service Pro to work in the Art of General Pest Control, and Rodent. Willing to learn additional specialty pest services as well. I have trained many people over 30 years. You must have a Clean Driving Record for past 3 years and maintain one as well. You must not have any Felonies. We are looking for some strong and sincere Customer Service Skills. No experience in Pest Control ? That's OK. For those of you that are certified with very little training or education are also welcome to apply. All applicants will take a short Reemployment test upon passing interview process. All applicants will need to provide an accurate Resume with work history. Start Training Pay will be hourly or a salary. Once a Probationary Employee becomes Certified, and has had 30 days of One on One Training they will be evaluated and considered for a Commission Pay scale. And Commissions will be discussed upon passing the Probation period. A brief example of commission would be 1.) Earn a $100.00 X .20 % = $20.00 And Sales Commissions Example 2.) 1st Annual Contract= $1000.00 X .10 % = $100 Commission Increases considered after every annual performance review. Every Service Pro is required to perform Sales and Service, it is what we do. I have Equipped our company with state of the art equipment . All those interested please email me your Resumes to Also Discreet Pest Control is on Linkin,, and Facebook


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