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Pacific Pest Control is seeking the right licensed termite inspector. This job will involve very detailed inspections with accurate measurements for repairs. *This position is only available to those with a branch 3 license. Your responsibilities are to run and manage daily leads. You must properly identify current pest issues, pest damage and make persuasive recommendations for each customer and what they need. The services you will offer are: Termite treatments, wood damage repairs, rodent proofing, rodent clean-up, tap insulation. We want someone experienced that has the confidence to close deals for us. Applicant requirements : 1) Show proof of a clean driving record and current license 2) Pass a criminal back ground check and drug screen 3) Ability to crawl under houses and into attics 4) Able to work on a ladder (sometimes 2nd story) Compensation : 56k - 120k yearly and up - you decide what you want to earn. -Base salary depending on experience plus Sales Commission -Pay is $17 - $22 hourly DOE -10-15% sales commission -Paid Time Off + Holiday Pay -Work Truck & Gas Card -401K Retirement plans Please submit your resume and we will contact you if interested.

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