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Pestmaster Services, a National Pest Mgmnt Company ranked #51 in the nation by PCT,, is seeking a strategic and experienced Operations Manager for our expanding pest and weed control operations in N. CA. Position will oversee service Operations in N. CA and ideally will be based in the Sacramento area. Current CA Structural License in Br. 2-3 required, with CAL QAL a plus. Sales, Training and supervision of staff, P and L accountability, state compliance and excellent computer and communication skills. Must be IPM dedicated to setting the bar high within the industry and for our clients. Excellent wages ($80-100k Base and 20% bonus), 401k, Health, 15 Days PTO, iPhone, Laptop and new company vehicle, with all tools required to manage are included. If you’re one of the many industry managers, who have been part of roll ups and acquisitions in the industry, and considering other options: Opportunity is knocking! This position is one of six people who steer our entire business model, that includes: government, commercial, residential, advanced IPM, and utility pest management. Pestmaster Services is NOT a shareholder driven company, rather, a customer centric and employee driven company. If your tired of the constant changes from management "moving the goal posts" that impact your earnings and technicians morale, let's have a conversation. Contact us below, or call 800-525-8866 and ask for Jeff (President)or Jason (GM). For details and Job Desription, send your resume to

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