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CARPENTER (LONG BEACH) IMMEDIATE OPENINGS!!!! Cal Coast Termite & Pest Inc. is currently hiring for Carpenter. Requirements: • Branch III applicator a plus • Good Driving Record & DMV Printout • Read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. • Possess strong customer service skills and be able to work in a dynamic team environment. • Ability to work in a multi-task fast paced environment. • Carpentry Skills required (i.e. efficient use of skil saw, saw zall) • Willing to train in treatment applications • Build and maintain effective, professional relationships. Make up to $25.00 per hour depending on experience. Benefits Package Include: • Paid Vacation • Paid Sick Leave • Discount Tickets Program • Yearly Incentive Program • Monthly Incentive Bonuses Apply by sending your resume to the email below or faxing it to (562) 426-3511.

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