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Payne Pest Management is currently looking for an experienced sales associate for our Van Nuys Location. You must be customer focused, with strong communication skills, solid work ethic. Our Team is trained at cultivating and maintaining working partnerships with Real Estate agents and Property Managers within the Van Nuys area. Although some leads are available, Inspectors must be able to create a book of business through their creative efforts. This position is responsible for performing termite and pest control inspections on commercial properties. This is a rewarding and challenging career opportunity with competitive pay, great benefits and ongoing professional development. We are willing to train. A Well Qualified Applicant Will Possess the Following Qualities: • Branch 2 and/or Branch 3 Field Representative License is a plus. • Construction experience is a plus. • Ability to thoroughly inspect residential and corporate properties. • Possess a clean driving record (H-6 DMV printout required). • Pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening. Benefits: This position includes: A Company Vehicle, Gas Card, Company paid life insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Company paid trips. Optional: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision, 401k, Aflac, and more. 5% - 10% commission on every dollar sold plus a guaranteed base salary. Please send resumes to; Payne Pest Management is an equal opportunity employer. Payne Pest Management is a Veteran Owned Company.


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