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Pay rate is $17.00 per hour We value our employees, and like to show our appreciation with a 90-day review, with possibility of providing a raise. Furthermore, we offer bonuses for exceptional work ethic, and other incentives for a job well done. We are looking for the following minimum qualifications: - Excellent communication - Able to read, write, and speak English proficiently; Spanish/Cantonese a plus - Able to lift (up to) 45 pounds, and be able carry up and down stairs - Pass DOJ background check - Excellent organizing skills - Active listening skills - Maintain professional appearance - Must be patient - Able to work with people with intellectual and physical disadvantages - Clean driving record Duties and responsibilities for pest control services include but not limited to: - Pack tenant’s belongings for treatment Seal and contain debris for removal to prevent cross-contamination - Stripping and removal of carpet - Sort items to launder, launder items, return laundered items - Load and unload furniture/personal belongings to and from loading van - Assist pest control technician during a full building inspection - Inspect units/rooms for any signs of bed bugs and other general pests - Provide preventative inspections (signs of entry ways for pests such as holes) - Provide owners/managers with detailed service report to address issues found - Preparation of unit for treatment: Pack, freeze, launder, “dry clean” - Clean units/rooms/apartments - Spray application after majority of items are removed from unit - Treat items via freezer, rotated for maximum effectiveness - Return ALL treated items - Driver: transporting company equipment, supplies, junk hauls *** FOR CONSIDERATION, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO: *** Also, please include at least three professional references. Local Applicants ONLY DO NOT CALL Thank You

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