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Asking Price: $380,000 – 25-35% below the lower end of regular price evaluated by a reputable licensed business broker based on confirmed tax returns. Can qualify for $500-$600K SBA loan. More than 12 years in business, very high rating from Dan and Bradstreet (similar to credit rating for businesses), business has zero debt, as strong of financial as one can get, no lawsuits all this time. I cannot work for $200K a year for full time now but this is an American Dream for many and a great step to move up in business career. I can stay up to a year and even be a partial partner too if desired with option to buy me out with guaranteed price predefined during buy and sell. THIS PRICE IS ONLY FOR A QUICK CASH SALE. NO ROOM FOR ANY DISCOUNT. SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS OFFER. FOR ONLY A LITTLE OVER ONE YEAR OF PROFIT YOU CAN HAVE THIS CASH COW FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT! Cash Flow:$284,000 Gross Revenue:$726,000 stable for last 3 years. Tax returns can be confirmed by getting confirmed copies. Month to month rent, no lease with 4 cars in a very professional place. Can be easily transferred to another location too. FREE, HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALIFIED LEAD FLOW. Lead flow of this year is the double of year before. Can be confirmed with schedule, reports, phone call reports. Phone calls, online requests are available for initial checkup. I have stopped several sources of lead flow, and am rejecting almost the half of the business coming in. Make this a $2 million business in a year! I can help you, but will not work day and night for $200K a year in this business anymore. I am losing tons of other opportunities and not being able to do anything for two other businesses I built up on the side which now grew huge! Hiring two more inspectors now. Have licensed several inspectors last year in house. You will need to constantly hire new inspectors and crew. In house training materials which cost me almost $20K will help to do that. These assets along with training school are included in sale too. You are buying the company with its reputation, highly sophisticated training and software which saves tons of money on employee pay, constant business coming in, the polished system to expand and my guarantee for success. This is a gem for a true entrepreneur.

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