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Talos Pest Control is a new company handling general pest control and termite work in San Diego County. We are fully licensed, funded, connected, and equipped and we are now seeking a qualified GM to start our company out on the right foot. Field representative license is required in both branch 2 and 3. Operator license is preferred but not required. This position will be responsible for all aspects of Pest Control including handling of a route, termite inspections, coordination of subcontractors, etc. This person must have a hands-on approach as they will be tasked with creating an environment that will grow quickly and draw in the best employees. This is an unmatched opportunity to be a team member very early on in this project that has incredible support and potential. We have investors, potential clients, and advisors that have willed this company to where we are today and we are ready to get to work. Email for more info.

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