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Eco Strike Pest Control Inc is looking for a service route technician to provide outstanding customer service to our clients . This position is a paid full-time position at $18 an hour Monday-Friday with an occasional Saturday to be worked. Candidate must be self-motivated, able to work alone, willing to learn, able to take and follow directions, able to solve problems, and able to work with little supervision. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and carry a 50 pound backpack. Must have a clean DMV record. Must have an Applicator's license or be able to pass the state Applicator test (study material will be supplied). Must be able to pass a background check by DOJ (per California law). No experience necessary. Hourly is based upon experience and moves upward as job performance is evaluated. We are an established business with over 23 years experience. Benefits include medical, dental, simple ira contribution match, cellphone, uniform, year end bonus and possible take home vehicle. Please send resume to


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