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Are you tired of fighting for leads? Are you sick of running a few leads a week and then seeing a small paycheck? Does your company require you to bring in most of your own leads? At Kilter we provide you with 3-4 quality leads every work day. We spend thousands a month in advertising to bring in top quality termite/rodent leads. Our Inspectors are busy, and they can determine the size of their paychecks. After 25 years we know how to bring in quality leads that are ready to buy. In addition to our leads Kilter also provides: -great percentages -bonus programs -benefits -tablet and phone -much more Give us a call at 714/288-5635 (ask for Linda) or email: to schedule an interview. We treat our top producers very well. That is the reason our top guys have all been here for over 20's simple: We provide the leads - we have integrity pricing and we pay our Inspectors well. Contact us today as open positions fill quickly. Requirements: -Current Branch III Field Rep. License -Valid Driver’s License and a good driving record

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