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Family owned and operated company based in North County looking to hire a skilled laborer for General Contracting and Termite Repair Work. Applicators license is preferred, but not necessary. Qualified applicants will work as an assistant to our Branch 3 inspectors and assist with repairs when necessary. Applicant should have experience with termite repairs aspects, carpentry skills and a clean driving record. Jobs are located throughout San Diego County. COMPENSATION: $20-$25 PER HOUR and Gas Allowance. REQUIREMENTS: Reliable transportation, able to work safely and comfortably on extension ladders, physically fit for hard work, tools and able to lift a minimum of 30 pounds regularly. Willingness to work in tight spaces such as attic or crawl spaces and damp or dusty locations. Interested applicants please send resume to: info@rubbotermite.com or call 760-994-0826 Monday-Friday.

Website: https://www.rubbotermite.com/

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