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Rocklin Pest Control Services is seeking an experienced Termite (WDO) Inspector to join our Team. The correct applicant must have a current and active California Branch 3 Field Representative license and have experience with WDO Real Estate Inspections. We offer an hourly wage, with the potential to earn both a performance and sales bonus along with vacation and PTO pay, medical benefits, and a company vehicle. The applicant must be a self starter with attention to detail and posses the ability to communicate to Clients and fellow Team Members. A signing bonus may be offered to the applicant dependent upon their experience. Come and become a valued Team Member at Rocklin Pest Control Services. Please contact - Rich Sartain - General Manager - Rocklin Pest Control Services, Inc. - 916-250-8833 Cell - Rich@RocklinPestControl.com email

Website: http://www.rocklinpestcontrol.com

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