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COME JOIN OUR TEAM!! *COMPETITIVE PAY * TEAM ORIENTED CULTURE * HEALTH BENEFITS AND 401K WITH GROWTH * PAID HOLIDAYS/VACATION * Looking for experienced and licensed pest technicians for full time work. We operate Monday thru Saturday in the Greater Los Angeles Area. As the company continues to grow we are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and devoted to offering the best services possible to our customers. Treat for infestation of pest on the interior and exterior of properties (residential and commercial) Responsible for timely completion of route. Responsible for documentation of services, customers’ payments, etc. Drive and maintain work vehicles and supplies. Communicate well with the office concerning route and customer’s service. Must have: Applicator License or Branch II Field Rep license through the Structural Pest Control Board, Valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Send us your resume!! Email: zeekspest@gmail.com Office Number: 424-329-0900

Website: http://www.zeekspest.com

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