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Bellflower, California - Pest and Termite company located in Bellflower, California is looking for a licensed Branch 2 Field Representative to Manage a route. Candidate will be provided with a company work vehicle, phone and uniforms. We're looking for a great addition to add to our amazing group of people. Pay is negotiable. We offer Vacation pay, Holiday pay, and Sick pay. If you're looking to work with a company that Invests in their employees and you are the type that can excel. Give us a call. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to come in and plant their roots. Active Pest Control is well established with 15 years in business and 23 years in the Industry. We have a clean record, excellent yelp reviews and we value our client relationships. Active has countless experience with business entities of all sizes including City and State Contracts. We have a great reputation as a company. Our employees are recognized for all their efforts. Give us a call. We just might be that company you've been searching for. Contact Pary at 562-860-7777. Or email at pary@activepestctrl.com

Website: http://www.activepestctrl.com

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