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We live in a world where the answer to just about anything can be found in the palm of your hand. Phrases like “Google-it” replace a trip to the library and a quick search on YouTube can result in a plethora of videos covering every topic imaginable.   At Univar, we understand the importance of getting information effectively and efficiently, so that you can spend time and energy on the things that matter most. We’ve been hard at work creating a series of Better Business Tips videos and How-To videos:   Better Business Tips: This series of videos provide an o...

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August 8 marks the 94th anniversary of Univar’s inception. What started as a small firm in Seattle has grown into one of the world’s largest chemical distribution companies. We wanted to share an overview of our growth through the years and thank you for partnering with us! We hope you enjoy these throwbacks as much as we do: In 1924 Van Waters & Rogers (VWR) was established in Seattle and sold only a few items including paint, raw materials, soda ash, cotton linters, and denatured alcohol. Today, Univar Environmental Sciences alone sells more than 6,000 products! In 1...

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Univar has proudly served our customers including licensed pest management professionals for more than 90 years. Through the years we’ve been the go-to resource for pest and product information.   Our commitment to customer success starts with making sure products are delivered when and where they’re wanted. What keeps customers coming back are the many services available alongside those products - deep industry experience, dedicated service, and the array of business resources available via PestWeb. Since its inception over 20 years ago, PestWeb continues to be the struc...

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Supplier Days are some of the most exciting times at Univar. We have the opportunity to partner with Bell Labs, to promote their products and business for two weeks on PestWeb and across our ProCenters. During this time, Univar customers can connect with sales representatives from both companies, earn CEUs, take advantage of the exclusive savings, and engage with other industry pros.   We wanted to invite you in on the fun! Check out some great images below:                        We’ve had a ...

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You asked and we’ve delivered. We understand that customers like yourself are busy, time is limited, and resources are tight. Our goal is to ensure that we communicate as effectively as possible to meet your needs and keep you in the know. Introducing The Hub!   The Hub is our newest landing page to provide you with a one-stop-shop for the latest news in:   Corporate Updates             Customer Spotlights               Connectivity Newsletter           &n...

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Twice a year, Univar commissions Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer surveys that reach out to professionals nationwide for their feelings about their preferred distributor.We learn a lot from these studies, and this year was no different. Loud and clear, pest management professionals across the country said in 2016 that they expect insight into business growth from their distributors. Not just that they want it or appreciate the help. They expect it.To a company like ours that places tremendous value on not just serving customers, but guiding them, that’s a directive. And it’s a la...

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Starting today, the industry’s two most respected training catalogs will be available through a single online platform: ProTraining by Univar. We have partnered with PCT to integrate their entire Label Training library directly into ProTraining on PestWeb, giving professionals unparalleled access to courses approved for CEUs in most of the United States and Canada. See the end of this article for the full list of everything that’s been added today. With two course libraries available on a single unified platform, technicians and managers can now review training history from U...

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At Univar, we don't like to make special announcements about every single company update. We try to reserve that for truly important news… something we think our customers want and need to know right now.Today happens to be one of those "big news" days. If you haven't already noticed, we've just finished rebuilding PestWeb from the ground up. It's hard to imagine what could be bigger than that.This is huge for us on the Univar side since we've taken months to research, design, and develop a new site that does everything PestWeb currently does, except better. Every change was based on existi...

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