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Industry Insights


Better Business Tips: Smarter Planning & Budgeting   Tired of sifting through piles of expense reports and old invoices before you can even start planning and budgeting? Today’s Better Business Tips will cut down on your paperwork and give you a better look at how your company makes purchases. Watch the video below to learn how you can use PestWeb’s purchase history report to understand and categorize past orders — and plan for future needs in record time.   More Tips Coming Soon Looking for more quick ideas to keep your business running smoothly? Kee...

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By Karl Kisner, VP Marketing, Environmental Sciences & Agriculture   Recruiting and retaining top talent is a struggle for the pest management industry as a whole. Pest management professionals share the pain in keeping their current employees happy and engaged, while expanding their business with new skilled talent.   It’s predicted by 2020 more than 50 percent of the workforce will comprise Millennials, also known as Gen Y. Transitioning into the largest working generation, Gen Y is drastically changing the ways our customers do business, most importantly recruit...

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By Trace McEuen, VP-Environmental Sciences, Americas   Leading a business, whether there are three employees or three thousand employees, comes with immense responsibility. Both to succeed and grow, but also to evolve and improve the business’ operations.   Many of today’s pest management professionals, like yourself, are overwhelmed by the varying types of technologies available and can never find the time or resources to vet each one. This glut of technological choices leads to an even greater problem - doing nothing.   From my beginnings with Van Wat...

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At the height of busy season, it can feel like there’s no break in sight. Endless calls, difficult scheduling, and backlogs can all pile up — and that’s before you even have time to manage inventory and reorder products. But there is a way — actually, two ways — for busy professionals to squeeze more minutes out of an already saturated work week. And with our new Better Business Tips video series, you’ll see how to start doing both, today.   Saving Time with Quick Lists If you’ve used the Univar Online Store, you may know about how Quick Li...

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At Univar, we take pride in providing customers with the most current industry news and knowledge - within local communities and nationwide.   Here's an overview of this fall's biggest trends as reported by Univar sales managers across the country.   (click to enlarge)  

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Choosing a distributor can be a daunting task. For many businesses, finding the right distributor takes a ton of research in order to meet your business needs. This month, we wanted to shed light on tips from the pros on finding the right distributor: Work with a distributor who partners with manufacturers to successfully deliver the products they make through the most comprehensive distribution network in the industry. Ensure that there is a strong portfolio of products that will serve your business year-round. Ensure your distributor is involved at every level of the industry. From ...

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Throughout June organizations across the country are putting forth their best effort to promote safety. National Safety Council aims to ensure that “No 1 Gets Hurt” and provides great resources to reduce injury at work, on the road, and in our homes and communities. For our industry we should always be reminded of the importance of personal protective products that we all use every day, and that make our job easier, cleaner, and safer. For Univar employees, safety is top of mind regularly! We start every meeting with a safety share and prioritize safety above all else. During t...

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