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Investing in Your Techs A little education goes a long way... We deliver an enormous range of products for our customers throughout North America. But interestingly enough, our most valuable offering is something that can’t be moved by trucks. That’s because it’s not a physical product — it’s the knowledge that reaches thousands of pest management technicians every year via Univar ProTraining delivered in-person and online. Since the introduction of ProTraining online in 1998, we’ve put an enormous amount of work into providing technicians the conven...

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As temperatures heat up, so does pest activity — and your business. It can be difficult to keep track of everything you need during the rush, so we put together this quick checklist of warm weather essentials. Follow these four steps to make sure you’re making the most of pest control’s busiest season. 1. Stock Up Check your inventory — do you have all the products and tools you need? The last thing you want is to keep customers waiting while you look for more of a particular product. Univar offers over 6,000 products for a variety of markets. Order exactly what y...

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The Power of ProCenters Essential knowledge and tools under one roof From our Online Store to our mobile-friendly ProTraining platform, Univar brings tools and expertise to customers wherever they go. That includes giving PMPs and managers the option to walk into a ProCenter that houses the service and products they need — all in one place. That’s why Univar operates over 60 ProCenter locations across the country. Each store location functions as a local hub with quick access to essential products and knowledge. ProCenter visitors get the exact tools they need, in a...

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