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  With the catastrophic flooding in the Midwest and an exceptionally rainy winter on the West Coast, many parts of the country will present favorable conditions for heavy mosquito populations as the warmer summer weather approaches. With larger mosquito populations come the enhanced risk for the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.   Treating standing water with larvicides will play a critical role in preventing these mosquito populations from exploding and will help keep the numbers in check. When applied to the standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs, larvicides interr...

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As a group, ants are often the number one pest encountered and the number one cause of callbacks. There are many variables to consider when picking the best ant bait for your operation, but choosing a bait is only half the battle. As good as today’s ant baits are, they still have to be applied in the correct environment and match the ant food preference or they will not bring satisfactory results.   First and foremost it’s important to correctly identify the ant species you’re dealing with. Misidentification or, more frequently, no identification, almost always resu...

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When it comes to termites, homeowners want them gone. Termidor® termiticide/insecticide, launched almost 20 years ago, was found to be the solution pest management professionals were looking for. Callbacks dropped significantly, customer satisfaction increased substantially, and business increased year over year. BASF has continued to innovate the Termidor product line, providing year after year improvements in efficiency to this phenomenal brand. Maximizing profitability with products backed by proven efficacy enables pest management companies to provide consumers with peace of mind a...

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Diverse strategies are needed to control urban pests — especially cockroaches. Steps like inspection, monitoring, and identification are the foundation for any cockroach control program and ongoing maintenance.   Baits are pivotal tools for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for cockroaches, but applying the appropriate amount is critical for success. A recent field trial conducted by Dr. Dini Miller from Virginia Tech University evaluated two cockroach gel baits, Advion® Evolution Cockroach and Optigard® Cockroach Gel Baits from Syngenta, in multi-unit housing infested w...

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Managing cockroaches will always be an important part of pest management. Identifying the species correctly and then understanding its biology, behaviors, and habitats is critical to control and eradication. An integrated approach should include identification, inspection, and treatment, including resistance management.   Cockroaches, specifically German cockroaches, have a relatively short life cycle which means they can increase their populations exponentially in a short period of time. This makes them more likely to adapt or develop resistance to various control methods. There a...

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Whether you’re building an add-on service, expanding an existing program, or starting a new line of business, there are many moving pieces to manage — and many hazards to avoid. Follow these tips to ensure a strong start to your new venture.   Don’t start with separate introductions. Instead, gather all your personnel in the same location for a shared introduction and training session. The goal is to build excitement, encourage feedback, and demonstrate your commitment to the new direction. Don’t focus too much on the how the company will benefit.Instead, ...

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Investing in Your Techs A little education goes a long way... We deliver an enormous range of products for our customers throughout North America. But interestingly enough, our most valuable offering is something that can’t be moved by trucks. That’s because it’s not a physical product — it’s the knowledge that reaches thousands of pest management technicians every year via Univar ProTraining delivered in-person and online. Since the introduction of ProTraining online in 1998, we’ve put an enormous amount of work into providing technicians the conven...

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As temperatures heat up, so does pest activity — and your business. It can be difficult to keep track of everything you need during the rush, so we put together this quick checklist of warm weather essentials. Follow these four steps to make sure you’re making the most of pest control’s busiest season. 1. Stock Up Check your inventory — do you have all the products and tools you need? The last thing you want is to keep customers waiting while you look for more of a particular product. Univar offers over 6,000 products for a variety of markets. Order exactly what y...

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The Power of ProCenters Essential knowledge and tools under one roof From our Online Store to our mobile-friendly ProTraining platform, Univar brings tools and expertise to customers wherever they go. That includes giving PMPs and managers the option to walk into a ProCenter that houses the service and products they need — all in one place. That’s why Univar operates over 60 ProCenter locations across the country. Each store location functions as a local hub with quick access to essential products and knowledge. ProCenter visitors get the exact tools they need, in a...

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