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Ask Mr. Pest Control


Q. I need to treat for spiders, but the customer is very chemical sensitive. What products would be best for this situation? We do use a web remover.— Richard, GA A. Correction—you need to manage spiders for a customer who is very chemical sensitive, in which case applying any pesticide is not a good idea. It doesn’t matter whether a pesticide has synthetic or natural active ingredients. The real choice is between applying or not applying a pesticide. Removing active spider webs with a web remover and crushing spiders is the best that should be done for this particular ...

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Q. What would you recommend to prevent rodents from burrowing down into a crawlspace from the outside? If they have already done so, what is the best way to exclude them? I've heard of using screening in an L shape along the foundation as well as trenching gravel along the perimeter. — Jayce, WA A. I don’t know that a gravel trench would keep rats from digging in and out of the crawlspace, but a curtain of hardware cloth should. Use 19-gauge hardware cloth or stronger with a ½ in. x ½ in. mesh or smaller. Attach it to the outside of the crawlspace and have ...

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Q: What diseases do roaches carry? — Christopher, CA A: Because German cockroaches may travel between unsanitary conditions and food, it’s possible for them to carry disease microbes on their bodies and deposit them onto food and utensils. In this manner, the main concern is pathogens that cause food poisoning or gastroenteritis, a.k.a. stomach flu. There is a more direct connection between German cockroaches and acute asthma attacks. People may become allergic to proteins in cockroach feces from chronic exposure to cockroaches, as in long-term infestations. In sensitive peop...

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Q: Will the use of repellent products cause bed bugs to disperse further from the treatment area and spread an infestation to untreated locations?-- Stephanie, FL A: Studies have shown that bed bugs don’t sense dried repellent residues like cockroaches and ants and will walk across and even sit on them. However, there’s a better chance of bed bugs picking up a lethal dose from sitting on dried residue for some time than by walking across it, so application to harborages is key. They’ll still run away from a direct application of a repellent product, but they are not kep...

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Q: What is the home range of a Norway rat and a roof rat from their nesting place?-- Joey, MSA: The average for commensal rats is a 25-100 foot radius, but the reality is that it depends on how close a food source is located. If a rat can find food within 10 feet of its nest, it has no reason to go further in search of food. But if it has to go beyond 100 feet in search of food, then it will. It depends on the situation and it’s important not to limit your mindset to textbook numbers.

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