Friend or Foe: Implementing Business Technology


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Industry Insights

By Trace McEuen, VP-Environmental Sciences, Americas


Leading a business, whether there are three employees or three thousand employees, comes with immense responsibility. Both to succeed and grow, but also to evolve and improve the business’ operations.


Many of today’s pest management professionals, like yourself, are overwhelmed by the varying types of technologies available and can never find the time or resources to vet each one. This glut of technological choices leads to an even greater problem - doing nothing.


From my beginnings with Van Waters & Rogers as an outside sales rep to where I am today, I can attest to the struggles that companies face when trying to maintain their business, “the way it’s always been done.” Truth is, that philosophy doesn’t work. Maintaining the idea that technology is a force to be feared can keep you from saving time and money in the long run.


Don’t get me wrong, technology itself, like change, isn’t good or bad, but when embraced and harnessed within a winning company culture not only creates efficiency, it also helps win business.


If your business is not making full use of your existing technology today, below are some tips to look for to get you started:


Consolidation: Look for a dashboard that consolidates multiple online tools into one place. This saves your staff (and you) time. At Univar, we have the PestWeb manager dashboard which offers product information, online purchasing, purchase history, and even employee training history. All in one location.


Automation: Tools that automate manual processes should be a no-brainer in terms of investment. More time allows for the things that matter most, your customers.


Efficiency: Ensure that the technologies you implement increase efficiency in ways that help your bottom line grow. For example, it can be difficult to streamline the purchasing process with technicians out on the field. At Univar, we understand that pain point and through the Univar Online Store there’s the ability to create pre-approved purchasing lists, purchasing limits, and pre-approval of all orders. This allows you to keep business going, no matter where your employees are!


Overall, the goal is to ensure your business is performing at its best as often as possible. Especially during the busy season with the focus on maintaining and growing your business. By leveraging the right technology, your business will be on a path to greater success and efficiency making technology a friend, not a foe.


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