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We live in a world where the answer to just about anything can be found in the palm of your hand. Phrases like “Google-it” replace a trip to the library and a quick search on YouTube can result in a plethora of videos covering every topic imaginable.


At Veseris, we understand the importance of getting information effectively and efficiently, so that you can spend time and energy on the things that matter most. We’ve been hard at work creating a series of Better Business Tips videos and How-To videos:


Better Business Tips: This series of videos provide an overview of how you can leverage the suite of tools on PestWeb and the Veseris Online Store to ensure your business is performing at its best.


How-To Videos: Not sure how to use the tools and features on PestWeb and the Veseris Online Store? No problem! These videos provide instructions on how to easily and confidently use the tools we provide.


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