When the most effective meets the most efficient, termite control becomes most profitable!


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When it comes to termites, homeowners want them gone. Termidor® termiticide/insecticide, launched 20 years ago, was found to be the solution pest management professionals were looking for. Call backs dropped significantly, customer satisfaction increased substantially and business increased year over year. BASF has continued to innovate the Termidor product line, providing year after year improvements in efficiency to this phenomenal brand.
Maximizing profitability with products backed by proven efficacy enables pest management companies to provide consumers with peace of mind and technicians with better treatment requirements. Termidor HE High-Efficiency Termiticide, launched in 2012, continues to provide an advantage over conventional termiticide solutions. With its breakthrough molecular technology, Termidor HE termiticide improves working conditions while delivering the undeniable efficacy of Termidor products. The technology allows for:
  • 50% shallower treatment depths
  • 77% smaller trenches
  • 33% fewer drill holes
These improvements are possible because of the molecular properties of the product which enable the water carrier to temporarily “boost” active ingredient transport into the soil. Once the product is evenly dispersed within the treatment zone, it binds tightly to the soil, providing the control Termidor termiticides are known for.
Termidor HE termiticide enables pest management professionals to provide the best protection with less disruption, water, labor and time. These improvements allow technicians to complete more jobs in a day and satisfy more customers – knowing they’ve been protected with the best.

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